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Month: November 2011

2011 Softball NL Awards (Nominations)

 2011 Softball Newfoundland & Labrador Awards Deadline for Nominations: Thursday, Dec. 5th, 2011. All Nominations must be emailed to Softball NL at Do you know of a coach, player, sponsor, and/or fan that is deserving of this year’s Softball Newfoundland & Labrador Annual Awards? Softball NL will accept nominations for the following awards: 1. Coach of the Year Award Local, regional, provincial and/or national level. This award is not limited to a coach with the “most” wins and most medals. Winning is the easy part of any sport. Preparing to win is what makes the difference between a coach and a great coach. A successful coach not only understands how to communicate with players in a way that achieves results, but they effectively guide, inspire and empower their players to realize and develop their individual potential. The role of a coach in softball is both powerful and essential. Having a good coach not only means the difference between having a team that is successful, but one in which the team members enjoy, excel and thrive. A good coach often wears several hats. They are frequently a mixture of teacher, counselor, cheerleader, motivator, and mentor. 2. Bob Whalen Memorial Award For outstanding contributions to the game of softball-on and off the field. Mr. Whalen gave many years promoting the game of softball in Kilbride, Waterford Valley and Newfoundland and...

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Atlantic High Performance Showcase Camp

Atlantic High Performance Showcase Camp The Atlantic High Performance Showcase Camp is being held on May 10th to May 13th, 2012 (Mother’s Day Weekend) at the EAST HANTS SPORTSPLEX, 1076 Highway # 2 Lantz, NS. FEATURING: TEAM CANADA COACHING STAFF AND 4 TEAM CANADA MEMBERS. For more information please visit the Newsletters Section and click on the PDF File titled Atlantic High Performance Showcase Camp. (Update...

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Updates From Softball Canada AGM

Updates From Softball Canada AGM… 1. Junior Age Officially Changed To 21-Under Junior Age Has Officially Changed To 21-Under Effective 2012. 2. Playoff Format Canadian Championship Changed The Playoff Format For Canadian Championships Has Changed Based On Number Of Teams. Tournaments Less Then 10 Teams 6 Teams Will Qualify For Playoffs. 4 Teams With A Double Life. 2 Teams With A Single Life. Tournaments 10 Or More Teams 8 Teams Will Qualify For Playoff Round. 4 Teams With A Double Life. 4 Teams With A Single Life. 3. Senior Men’s Canadians In 2012 (6-Day Event) The Senior Men’s Canadians In 2012 Will Be A 6-Day Event In Fredriction And Run From...

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NCCP Community Sport: On Going Participation

NCCP Community Sport: On Going Participation November 5th, 2011: Softball Newfoundland and Labrador’s Coaches Program are pleased to announce that NCCP Community Sport – On Going Participation (former Level 1 equivalent) will be offered on November 25-26, 2011 in St. John’s. Coaches encourage participants of all ages to continue in the sport for fun, fitness, skill development and social interaction. Coaches at any level of minor softball should attend this clinic as it will better prepare them to help their players to love softball, learn more skills and continue participation. To register, please email by the date in brackets (below) to reserve your seat. Fees must be paid in full no later than the start of the first day of the clinic. Cheques are to be written out to SOFTBALL NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR. Important Note: Softball Newfoundland and Labrador would like to remind all members that SNL require coaches at all Provincial Championships to have a minimum certification of NCCP Community Sport – On Going Participation (former Level 1 equivalent). If you require certification for 2012 please take advantage of this opportunity. Any questions should be emailed to On Going Participation (former Level 1 equivalent) November 25th-26th (November 16th, 2011) Location: St. Paul’s Junior High Address: 340 Newfoundland Drive, St. John’s Time: November 25th 5:30pm-9:00pm and November 26th 9:00am-5:00 pm Cost: $75.00 ($50.00 Student Rate) Please bring...

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