History: The Blue Crew in NL

History: The Blue Crew In Newfoundland Labrador


Softball NL Umpire-in-Chief:
Softball NL Deputy Umpire-in-Chief:

This section contains the following information on the History of The Blue Crew in Newfoundland Labrador:

1. Brief History – Introduction
2. Executives (1968-2016)
-Baseball Umpires Association (1968-1969)
-St. John’s Umpires Association (1970-1971)
-Metro Umpires Association (1972-2016)
-Year-By-Year Active Umpires (1968-2016)
-Officials of the Year (1994-2016)
3. Rookie Umpire of the Year (2010-2011)
4. Softball Canada Umpire of the Year
5. Softball NL Hall of Fame Inductees
6. St. John’s Softball Hall of Fame Inductees
7. Level 5 Designation
8. Historic Dates & Events
9. Umpires at Nationals & Worlds