ISF (Medals)


ISF World Junior Men’s

Newfoundland Labrador natives have had success (1 Gold, 3 Silver &  3 Bronze Medals) at the ISF World Junior Men’s Championships.


1985 Rodney Fewer Fargo, North Dakota (Silver Medal)

1989 Colin Abbott Summerside, PEI (Silver Medal)
1989 Scott Mercer Summerside, PEI (Silver Medal)

1993 Mike Tilley Auckland, New Zealand (Gold Medal)
1993 Robbie O’Brien Auckland, New Zealand (Gold Medal)
1993 Greg Webber Auckland, New Zealand (Gold Medal)

1997 Ryan O’Neill St. John’s, NL (Bronze Medal)
1997 Chris Maher St. John’s, NL (Bronze Medal)

2005 Mark Lewis Summerside, PEI (Bronze Medal)
2005 Justin Gill Summerside, PEI (Bronze Medal)
2005 Jonathan Kane Summerside, PEI (Bronze Medal)

2008 Mike Noftall Whitehorse, Yukon (Silver Medal)
2008 Shane Boland Whitehorse, Yukon (Silver Medal)

2014 Eric Healey Whitehorse, Yukon (7th Place)

2016 Mitch Stack Midland, Michigan (Bronze Medal)