Umpire of the Year

Softball Canada Awards

Members of Softball NL that have been named recipients of the Home Run Sports Umpire of the Year Award.

Home Run Sports Umpire of the Year Award
2011 Keith Pender (St. John’s)


1. The umpire shall be a Canadian citizen / landed immigrant.
2. The umpire shall be fully certified (at any softball level) to qualify.
3. The umpire shall have served in a volunteer officiating position(s) for a minimum of 4 years.
4. The umpire shall have contributed to umpire development as an instructor, evaluator, mentor, or program developer.
5. The umpire shall have a high level of officiating ability.

Nominations should include:

◦Umpire’s name, address, and phone number(s)
◦Name, address, and phone number(s) of nominating individual or group
◦Record of nominee’s umpiring experience
◦Record of umpiring achievements
◦Umpire’s role in developing and improving the officiating aspect of the sport
◦Personal highlights in the current year

Umpire of the Year Nomination Form