MO Player Awards (1987-2012)

Softball Newfoundland Labrador

Most Outstanding Players (1987-2012)

Softball Newfoundland Labrador announced the Most Outstanding Players (1987-2012) at the 50th Anniversary and 2012 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held on Friday, November 23rd at the Royal Canadian Legion in Kelligrews.

The Most Outstanding Players (1987-2012) were Colin Abbott and Ward Gosse.

Colin Abbott (Portugal Cove)

Bill-Barron-Colin-Abbott-150x150Colin Abbott played softball for 28 years at the Local, Provincial, National, and International levels.

In 1984 Colin played on the Portugal Cove team that won “Gold” at the Constable William Moss tournament, where he was awarded Tournament “MVP”.  That same year he played for the Outer Cove Pee Wee team that won “Gold” at both the Pee Wee Provincial and the Pee Wee Eastern Canadian Championships. In 1985, Colin won the Tournament “MVP” award at Bay Roberts in the Provincial Bantam tournament.

Colin was a member of the Stokes Canada Games team that won “Gold” at the National Midget Championships in 1988. He was awarded Tournament “MVP” and “Top Player” in the Championship round. In 1989, Colin was a member of the NL team that placed 4th at the Canada Games.

In 1986, Colin played with the Junior 50’s at Junior Men’s National Championships. In 1988, he won the Batting title at the Provincial Junior Championships. Also in 1988, he won the Junior League “Slugging”, “Home Runs”, “RBI’s”, and was named to the “All-League Team”-Outfield. In 1989, Colin’s Junior Blues team won the Junior League Championship.

In 1990 and 1991, Colin played with the Lloydminster Liners team that won “Gold” at the Junior Men’s Nationals. In 1990, he was named Tournament “MVP” and “All Tournament Team”-Outfield.

Colin played in the St. John’s Senior League for 17 years between 1985 and 2012. His Career stats in the regular season are as follows: GP-164, AB-459, Runs-99, Hits-169, Doubles-27, Triples-5, Home Runs-22, RBI’s-96, BA-.368, SP-.593, FA-.978. His Career stats in the playoffs are as follows: GP-89, AB-253,-Runs-54, Hits-93, Doubles-12, Triples-5, Home Runs-17, RBI’s-61, BA-.368, SP-.656, FA-.978. He played on three League Championship teams. He won the “Doubles” award and “MVP” of the playoffs in 2011. He was named to the “All-League Team” 1988 and 2012. In 2012, he was also a member of the Bull and Finch team that won the Senior Provincials.

Colin was a member of 11 Provincial teams that represented the Province at the Nationals. These teams won six medals in total, “Gold”, two “Silver”, and three “Bronze”.  In 1995 Colin was “Top Batter” with a .588 average and named to the “All Tournament Team”-Outfield in 1995, 2000, and 2001. Colin also played with four other provinces in the Senior Nationals in 1994, 1996, 1997, and 1998 winning “Gold” with Saskatchewan Rempel Brothers, Victoria Legends, and the Halifax Jaguars. He was named to the “ALL Tournament Team”-Outfield twice and won “Top Batter” with a .571 average in 1997.

Colin was a member of Team Canada 15 times at National and International Championships. He was a member of two Gold Medal teams at the Pan Am Games—1995 in Argentina and 1999 in Winnipeg. He was a member of four teams that represented Canada at the International Softball Congress Championships—1996 in Michigan-“Silver, 2000 in South Africa-4th, 2004 in New Zealand-“Silver”, and 2009 in Saskatoon-“Bronze”. He was a member of the “Bronze” medal Canadian team in 1989 at the ISF World Junior Championship in Summerside.

Colin participated in 18 International Softball Congress (ISC) Championships from 1992-2009, winning three “Gold” and three “Silver” medals. He was named ISC  “All World Player”-Outfielder 10 times, won the Tournament “MVP” three times, and the “Batting Title” once-.500 average. His ISC stats were as follows: GP-124, AB-356, Hits-120, Runs-73, Doubles-24, Triples-4, Home Runs-24, RBI’s-86,BA-.337, SP-.646.

Colin was a member of three “Gold” and three “Silver” medal teams at the American Softball Association (ASA) Championships. He was named to the ASA All-World Team five times.

Colin was named Molson ” Athlete of the Month” three times, Telegram “ Athlete of the Week” eight times, St. John’s Senior League  “Player of the Month” once. He was named SNL “Minor Player of the Year” in 1988, SNL “Adult Player of the Year” in 1989, St. John’s “Athlete of the Year in 1988, 1989, 2000, and Provincial “Athlete of the Year” in 1989.

Colin was a member of two St. John’s Day Tournament Championship Teams—1987 Labatt Blues and the 2012 Bull and Finch Bar and Grill

Colin was the first of only two local players to win “Gold” at the Midget, Junior, and Senior Canadian Championships.

Congratulations Colin! 

Ward Gosse (Bay Roberts)

Bill-Barron-Ward-Gosse-150x150Ward Gosse began his playing career at the Minor level in his hometown of Bay Roberts, Conception Bay North.

At the Minor level, Ward was a member of the 1979 Provincial Squirt Championship Team while playing with Conception Bay North. He won both the MVP and Batting titles at that tournament. In 1986, he was a member of the Bay Roberts team that won the Provincial Midget Championship and went on to represent the Province at the Midget Boys National Championships.

Ward played in the St. John’s Junior League for three years—1987, 1988, and 1989.

In 1987 he won the “Batting”, “Slugging”, and “Triples” titles. In addition, he was the “MVP” of the regular season and was named to the “All-League” team.

He was a member of the Junior 50’s team that won the league title in 1988. He also won the “Strikeouts” title, was named “MVP” for the regular season, and was named to the “All-League” team.

In 1989, Ward captured the league’s “Most Home Runs” title. That same year he played with the CBC Junior Travelers at the Junior National Championships.

Ward played for 25 years in the St. John’s Senior League during which he was a member of 11 Championship teams. In the regular season he competed in 449 games, with 1278 at bats, scored 301 runs, 413 hits, including 55 doubles, 15 triples and 100 Home runs. His career batting average is .323 with 355 RBI’s, a slugging percentage of .624, and a fielding percentage of .933. He is currently the all-time “Home Runs and “RBI” record holder.

Ward played in 176 Playoff games with 496 at bats, 107 Runs, 164 Hits, 26 doubles, two triples, 29 home runs, 94 RBI’s, .567 slugging percentage, .968 FA, and a .331 batting average. He is currently the playoff leader in games played, runs, hits, doubles, and RBI’s.

Ward’s Regular season pitching statistics are as follows:  GP-321, W-169, L-88, IP- 1709.2, K-2358, ER-519, SO-32, NH-1, ERA-2.126. He is currently the regular season leader in games pitched and strikeouts.

Ward’s Playoff pitching statistics are as follows:  GP-139, W-78, L-36, IP-814, K-1120, ER-287, SHO-18, NH-1, ERA-2.472. He is the current leader in playoff games played, wins, innings pitched, and strikeouts.

During his league career, he won three “Batting titles”, eight “Slugging” titles, three “Most Runs Scored” titles, “Doubles” once, “Triples” once, “Most Home Runs “ seven times, “Most RBI’s” six times, “Pitching Title” five times, “Strikeouts” five times, “Best ERA” 10 times, and the “Most Shutouts” five times.

Ward won “Rookie of the Year” in 1988, “Sportsmanship and Ability” in 2003, “MVP” regular season seven times, “MVP” playoffs 10 times, “Triple Crown” Pitching twice, “Triple Crown” Batting once, and was named to the “All League Team” 11 times.

Ward played on six “St. John’s Day Tournament” winners, winning the “Batting” title once and the “MVP” award three times.

Provincially, Ward played on 9 Senior Championship Teams. He won the “Batting” title once and the “MVP” of the tournament on six occasions.

Nationally, Ward played on 15 Provincial teams winning “GOLD” once, “SILVER” three times and “Bronze” twice. He won the All-Tournament team selection three times.

Internationally, Ward played in the International Softball Congress (ISC) tournament in 2006 and he was named to the 2nd “All –World” team as Pitcher. In2012 he was a member of the Parry Island Hawks team that captured the Gold medal, and Ward was named Tournament “MVP” and “Most Outstanding Pitcher.

Ward was named Softball Newfoundland Labrador “Male Player of the Year” in 1994, 1995, and 1999. He was named Molson” Athlete of the Month” nine times between 1995 and 2006. He was named Telegram “Athlete of the Week” 13 times between 1988 and 2012.

Congratulations Ward!