SportNL Hall of Fame

SportNL Hall of Fame

“They Brought Us Honour, We Remember With Pride”

The Sport Newfoundland and Labrador Hall of Fame is designed to recognize, honour and pay tribute to all individuals, groups, associations, families or teams on the basis of playing ability, sportsmanship and character and who have achieved extra-ordinary distinction in any sport, whether that distinction be achieved in amateur and/or professional athletics. It recognizes, honours and pays tribute to those individuals, groups, associations or families who have given distinguished services and who have made a major contribution to the development and advancement of amateur sport in Newfoundland and Labrador. Lastly it encourages the development of all aspects of sport by permanently recording the achievements and history of such individuals, groups, associations, families or teams.

Sport Newfoundland and Labrador administers the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Hall of Fame. Each year the Selection Committee reviews all nominations on file and accepts 3-5 new members.

Nominations are accepted at the Sport Newfoundland and Labrador office at any time of year, but only those received by the middle of July will be considered for that years review.

Nominations must be received at the office of Sport Newfoundland and Labrador before October 15 of each year. It is recommended that nominees collect as much information as possible prior to submitting a nomination.

Nomination Process Information
Nomination Form (DOC Version)
Sample/Guide – Athlete
Sample/Guide – Builder

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Softball Well Represented In SportNL Hall of Fame.
11 individuals have been inducted into the SportNL Hall of Fame in the Athlete Category and 7 individuals have been inducted into the SportNL Hall of Fame in the Builder Category.
Softball Newfoundland Labrador would like to thank SportNL for granting permission to use the SportNL Hall of Fame Inductees Bios for all of the Softballer’s that have been Inducted into the SportNL Hall of Fame.
Greatly Appreciated!