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LTAD Information

Long-Term Athlete Development Information

The LTAD Poster posted below provides readers with a great outline of Long-Term Athlete Development.

LTAD Poster (An Outline of LTAD)

For More Information, visit the Long-Term Athlete Development website at

Long-Term Player Development Guide

This document provides a valuable framework for developing softball players and is based on the latest scientific information and best practices.

The LTPD Guide is an important step in aligning player development and program delivery across the country, at all levels, and for all ages.

LTPD represents a systematic and integrated approach to developing players by identifying appropriate levels of training, competition, and recovery at each stage. LTPD is about developing all players to their full potential in order to optimize the chance of success at whatever level they pursue.

Long-Term Player Development Guide

Source: Softball Canada

Long-Term Player Development

The following is a LTPD One Page Flyer that displays the different levels of the Long-Term Player Development:

  • Active Start
  • FUNdamentals
  • Learning To Train
  • Training To Train
  • Training To Complete
  • Learning & Training To Win
  • Living To Win
  • Active For Life

Click on the Link Below to read about each level of the Long-Term Player Development.


Long-Term Player Development – A Guide For Softball Parents

This Parent Guide is a brief overview of what is covered in detail within the Long-Term Player Development Guide for Softball in Canada document.

Softball Canada realizes the vital role that parents play in many aspects of a child’s development and realizes the huge commitment you make as a parent of a softball athlete through both your time and your financial support.

This Parent Guide was developed to help parents to understand how to assist your child in achieving their full potential. The more you as a parent understand the role of proper training, competition, nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery, the better the experience your child will have in softball.

Softball Canada encourages parents to be involved in your child’s softball experience and to be educated in the concepts of LTPD and physical literacy.

Long-Term Player Development – A Guide For Softball Parents

Source: Softball Canada

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