NL Provincial Umpires Document

NL Provincial Umpires Document (2015)

1. To standardize training program across the Province.
2. To ensure upgrading of officials through clinics and evaluations. 

Umpires Program Committee

1. Umpire-in-Chief (UIC)
2. Deputy Umpire-in-Chief (DUIC)
3. Treasurer (1 or 2 Signing Officers)
4. Finance Committee
    -Responsible for Collecting Fees and Scheduling Umpires for Provincials
5. Education Committee
    -Responsible for Conducting Clinics


* The Umpire-in-Chief shall be appointed by Softball NL. Individual nominations for UIC are to be submitted to Softball NL when requested.

* Term of office is for a period of time specified by Softball NL. 

* A UIC may serve as many terms as required, determined by Softball NL.

* The candidate for UIC must be a fully certified Level III, IV, V, or VA Umpire. 

* DUIC positions can serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms. The candidates for DUIC must be a fully certified Level III Umpire. 


* Members must have registration / clinic fees paid by July 15th:

Level I $28.00 / $25.00  = $53.00
Level II $43.00 / $25.00  = $68.00
Level III, IV, V $73.00 / $25.00  = $98.00

* Members must be active umpires and umpire a minimum of 20 games (in League and/or Softball NL Provincial Tournaments). 

* Member must be in good standing with the association.

* Member must have Certificate of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Checks completed.

Umpire in Chief 

The Umpire-in-Chief shall be appointed by Softball NL. 

Duties – UIC 

1. Chair all meetings of the Umpires Program;
2. Responsible for all umpires and umpires programs (Clinics). May assign the DUIC or an umpire with a minimum certification of Level III to conduct clinics if unavailable;
3. Softball NL, in consultation with the UIC, will be the final approval authority for umpires nominated for National and Provincial Tournaments;
4. Chairman of National Tournament Selection Committee;
5. Attends National Umpires Meetings (AGM & Blue Convention);
6. Ensure uniformity of umpire program in the province;
7. Scheduling of Minor Tournaments; and
8. Scheduling of Adult Provincial Tournaments.

Duties – DUIC 

1. Chair all meetings in absence of UIC;
2. Member of the evaluation committee;
3. Co-ordinates umpires for Provincial Tournaments;
4. Assists with clinics;
5. Member of the National Selection Committee; and
6. Scheduling of Minor Provincial Tournaments in consultation with UIC.

Duties – Treasurer 

1. Keep fiscal records of Program Fund;
2. Invoice Softball NL for Provincial Tournaments; and
3. Pay Softball Canada Fees & Softball NL Fees. 

Umpire Training 

1. Any new umpire or level II umpire shall participate in an umpire’s clinic. Fast and Slo-pitch rules and procedures are to be covered at the clinic;
2. Any umpire with a certification level of III or higher shall participate in a rules seminar;
3. All umpires shall receive at least one evaluation per year if requested (preferably a plate); and
4. Any umpire planning on participating at an Eastern Canadian Tournament or National Championship must have successfully completed at least two evaluations (plate and base). Evaluations will be completed on a form, the form will be added to that umpires file and be a part of the consideration of the nomination process for Nationals and Eastern Canadians.

Registration & Rates


1. Level I-II clinic to take place by the 1st week of July at the latest;
2. Rules Seminar for Level III, IV, and V to take place before May 24th;
3. Cost of Registration shall be:
A) Level I $28.00 ($16SC/$10Ins/$2Fund) plus $25.00 Clinic Fee = $53.00
B) Level II $43.00 ($16SC/$10Ins/$17Fund) plus $25.00 Clinic Fee = $68.00
C) Level III-V $73.00 ($16SC/$10Ins/$47Fund) plus $25.00 Clinic Fee = $98.00
                         Please Note: Cost of Rule Book is $12.00 (All Umpires)
4. In the event that a clinic is held in a local association as opposed to the Softball NL clinic the local association must cover the additional cost for the clinic instructor ($75.00), travel ($0.40 per kilometre) and per-diem ($13.00 lunch and/or $18.00 dinner). 

Clinic & Evaluations

Clinics – $25.00 / hour to a maximum of $75.00. Any monies made through clinic fees will be split 50/50 with Softball NL. Example – 12 umpires at $25.00 each = $300.00 ($75.00 to the instructor, the remaining $225.00 split between Softball NL and the Umpire Travel Fund – $112.50 each).   

Evaluations – $30.00 – umpires at the Minor Fast Pitch and above categories shall receive an evaluation upon request, but must give up their plate game fee to a sum not to exceed $30.00. This fee will be given to the evaluator.

Provincial Game Rates (Review Every 3-Year’s)
Minor Slo-Pitch $25.00 / $25.00
Minor Fast Pitch $30.00 / $30.00
Midget, Junior and Intermediate $35.00 / $35.00
Senior $40.00 / $40.00

** For double headers in which one umpire works 2 plates consecutively at the Midget and above level with the same partner, the person working the bases will forfeit $5.00 of his/her wage for each game to the other umpire. To clarify, the individual working two plates in a row with the same umpire working the bases for a Senior Men’s Provincial will receive $45.00 per game whereby the base umpire will receive $35.00 per game.

** Additional Costs 3 or 4 Umpire System ($25/Base & Normal Plate Rate
      > Used only for Senior Men’s Provincial – Semi Finals & Finals (3-Man) or as requested (i.e., Intermediate, Ladies, U21, etc). 

** Breakfast $9.00 – Only Games Umpired Out Of Town.

**Consecutive Game Pay $16.00 – An umpire who works three consecutive games (i.e., 10-12-2, 2-4-6, 4-6-8) shall be paid an additional $16.00.

** Gas Mileage $0.40 Per Kilometre Based on Travel exceeding 70kms return.

Umpires Program Fund

1. Umpires Registration
A) $16.00 shall be held to be used to pay Softball Canada Registration;
B) $10.00 shall be held by Softball Newfoundland Labrador for Insurance;
C) $2.00 (Level I), $17 (Level II) and $47 (Level III-V) remain in Umpires Program Fund.

2. Game Fees – Softball NL agrees to pay all umpires the full game rates that have been determined above for all games umpired provincially. In addition, Softball NL agrees to pay an additional $2.00 per umpire, per game for each game in which the game assignments have been scheduled by the umpires. This payment will be separate from game rates.  

3. Softball NL Investment – Softball NL agrees to invest $300.00 annually to help assist the umpires with travel and/or any endeavour that will help assist the umpires in moving the development of umpires forward.

4. Sponsorship and/or Fundraising Events

** Umpire of the Year to receive a plaque from Softball NL, presented at Softball NL AGM and $100.00 gift certificate from Home Run Sports, also to be presented at Softball NL AGM.

Tournament Selections

1. Should start at least one year prior to the Nationals, nominations forwarded individually to UIC NL 31 Dec, with possible candidates umpiring at: 

A) Corresponding Provincial Tournament (higher level if possible);
B) Candidates must umpire a minimum of 25 games (if possible) of junior men’s or higher at the local level (consideration will be given to less experienced officials for minor level Canadian Championships ie Pee-Wee Girls and Bantam Boys);
C) Candidates must participate in at least three provincial tournaments where possible. (depends on geographical area);

2. At a provincial tournament or elite local tournament the umpire is evaluated by either the UIC, DUIC, or person assigned by the UIC and given a written copy of the evaluation NL than 7 days after completion;

3. The Final Selections of umpires shall be made by the National Selection Committee (UIC, DUIC Fast Pitch, and DUIC Slo-Pitch) before May 1st based on: 

A) Umpires responsible for Merit Files (some sort of rotational list to be maintained) ensuring the process for selecting Nationals umpires is fair.  

B) Provincial Evaluations; and 

C) National Tournament Evaluation (if applicable) and be submitted to the Board of SNL for final approval no later than January 31st.

** Final selections will be reviewed and approved by the Softball NL Board and UIC.


When possible (distance of travel) there shall be a natural progression up the line for all National competitions. Softball NL will strictly follow the guidelines imposed by Softball Canada. Following is a guide that may or may not apply to all officials in NL: 

Fast Pitch / Slo-Pitch 
A) Midget Girls or Junior Ladies   A) Co-ed
B) Midget Boys                                 B) Masters
C) Senior Ladies                               C) Sr. Ladies
D) Junior Men’s                                D) Sr. Men’s
E) Senior Men’s 


1. Softball NL will permit an umpire to pay his/her way if an opening at a Canadian Championship is available. Softball Canada expects Softball NL to send umpires to every Championship that Softball NL participates in. The idea of allowing an umpire to pay his/her own way will be the exception rather than the rule, but is a way of allowing those umpires who are capable of umpiring at a Canadian Championship to seek higher qualification on his/her own initiative;

2. Where possible, as many umpires as possible will be sent to Canadians;

3. Those who wish to take their own vehicles to Canadians may do so, but will only be funded to a maximum of what the air fare would have cost. Any additional cost is the umpires own responsibility; 

4. In a year that Softball NL is required to send a Level V umpire to the Senior Men’s, every effort must be made for the participant to attend.

Money Allowances 

A) Approximately $650.00 is the average cost per plane tickets. Efforts made to ensure most economical rate is purchased.
B) Level V to be sent if re-certification – every five years.

A sponsor for the Umpire’s Program is of great importance. The mechanical and technical aspects of our game are the areas of greatest concern. Monies shall be used for Clinic Instruction, Blue Convention Travel, and National Tournament Travel.

Softball Canada Certification Levels

Level V


-Level IV for at least 2 years and certified a minimum of 7 years.
-Receive a successful evaluation at two (2) events including any of the following: Canadian FP Championships, Canada Games, Canada Cup, or the 3 Nations Challenge or Receive a successful evaluation at one Canadian SP Championship.
-Endorsed by the Provincial/Territorial UIC. 

Evaluation Requirement 

-Receive two successful evaluations by provincial/territorial officiating representative.
-Recommendation from province/territory.
-After meeting prerequisite criteria, then receive a highly successful evaluation at a (Sr. Women’s FP, Sr. Men’s FP, Masters 35+ SP, Sr. Men’s SP, Sr. Women’s SP) Canadian Championship. 

On-Field Application 

-Officiate provincial/territorial minor and adult ball, Canadian Championships, International and National softball events.
-Supervise Canadian Championships. 


-Member in good standing, conduct in accordance with code of ethics, and registered each year.
-Write National exam annually and obtain 90% or more.
-Active in Provincial/Territorial and National Officiating programs and ODC programs.
-Submit yearly self-evaluation report to National Officiating Development Committee by November 1st.
-Minimum 25 games per season in discipline in which LV certification is achieved.
-Submit an article at least every three years for “Between the Lines”.
-Officiate a Senior Canadian FP Championship/Senior Men’s Canadian SP Championship or an international event within four years to be eligible for selection by Softball Canada to International events.

Level VA

If a Level V official is no longer active on the field or is no longer a candidate for International assignments, but is still active in program development and administration, they may request to be advanced to Level VA (administrative) status. Level VA officials must meet all criteria for maintaining an active Level V status with the exception of the minimum number of games criteria. 

Level VR

A Retired Level V, A Level V umpire who does not meet all criteria outlined under “Maintaining an Active Level V Status” will be declared Retired Level VR. 

Level IV


-Certified Level III umpire for a minimum of two (2) years and attend at least one P/T Championship, and have received a successful evaluation to progress to Level IV. 

Level IV Training Requirements 

-Attend a National Level IV Theory Clinic and Obtain 85% or more on the Level IV Certification exam. 

Evaluation Requirement

-Receive two successful evaluations by provincial/territorial representative and recommendations forwarded to ODC.
-Receive a successful Level IV evaluation at a (Midget FP/Junior Women’s FP/Masters, FP/Masters 40+SP, Senior Women’s SP & Co-Ed SP) Canadian Championship after completing Level IV Theory clinic.
-Provincial/Territorial UICs may request that a tournament be approved for the evaluation of Level IV theory umpire in order that he/she may receive his/her Level IV practical and be fully certified Level IV. This applies in both fast pitch and slo-pitch. Only tournaments that will be using the 3 umpire system and afford the umpires to be evaluated the opportunity to work each position at least three times will be considered. The ODC will select the evaluator to attend the tournament. 

On-Field Application

-Officiate provincial/territorial minor and adult softball / Officiate a Canadian Championship. 


-Attend provincial/territorial clinic annually.
-Write National exam annually and obtain 85% or more.
-Active in Regional and Provincial/Territorial Officiating programs. 

Level III


-Certified Level II umpire for a minimum of two (2) years. 

Level III Training Requirements 

-Attend a Provincial/Territorial Level III Clinic – FP or SP.
-Obtain 80% or more on the Level III Certification exam. 

Evaluation Requirement

-Receive one successful Level III Provincial/Territorial Championship evaluation. 

On-Field Application

-Officiate provincial/territorial minor and adult softball.
-Qualified to officiate (Midget FP, Junior Women’s FP, Master’s 40+ SP, Senior Women’s SP & Co-Ed SP) Canadian Championships. 


-Attend provincial/territorial or regional clinic annually.
-Write National exam annually and obtain 80% or more.
-Active in local and regional officiating program. 

Level II


-Certified Level I umpire for a minimum one (1) year and be 16 years of age. 

Level II Training Requirements

-Attend a Provincial/Territorial Level II Clinic – FP or SP.
-Obtain 70% or more on the Level II Certification exam. 

Evaluation Requirement

-Receive one successful local, regional or provincial/territorial Level II evaluation. 

On-Field Application

-Officiate local and provincial/territorial minor level and/or local adult softball. 


-Attend regional or provincial/territorial clinic once every two years.
-Write National Exam and obtain 70% or more. Non-certification year only. 

Level I


-Non-New officials. 

Level I Training Requirements

-Attend a Level I Clinic.
-Obtain 60% or more on the Level I Certification Exam. 

On-Field Application

-Officiate local minor and adult softball. 


-Attend a local or association clinic once every two years.
-Write National exam and obtain 60% or more. Non-certification year only.