Softball Newfoundland Labrador
Minor Slo-Pitch Provincial Championships
Competition Notes

Softball Newfoundland Labrador sanction all the minor Slo-Pitch Provincial Championships. Except where noted (see Softball NL Competition Notes below), rules for these is competition will be governed by Softball Canada 2011 Official Rule Book.

1. Tournament Registration and Fees

Teams that do not follow proper registration procedures may not be permitted to participate in tournaments:

-A team will be considered registered for a Softball Newfoundland Labrador sanctioned tournament only when the following conditions are met:

i. Registration must meet all deadlines;

ii. All affiliation and tournament fees are paid upon registration for any tournament;

iii. All roster information must be submitted upon registration using proper forms provided by Softball NL. Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted by Softball NL;

iv. Only players, coaches, and team officials that are in “good standing” with Softball Newfoundland Labrador will be permitted to register and participate.

-Players must meet age requirements for the specific division as of December 31st of the current year;

-Teams must register a minimum of 12 players to participate. Roster size must not exceed 17 players;

-All players participating in a Softball Newfoundland Labrador sanctioned tournament must appear on the official roster. Rosters are “official” once they are released by the Softball NL office to the tournament director. If a team is discovered to have used an ineligible player the team will face disciplinary action and possible removal from the tournament;

-For all other tournament registration and fee payment information please visit the Softball Newfoundland and Labrador website ( or email [email protected].

2. Coach Certification and Dress Code

a) In minor, the Head Coach is required to have On-going (Level 1), we encourage ALL adults on benches to have it. Contact Softball Newfoundland Labrador to check certification or to register for an off season certification clinic;

b) Certificate of Conduct. All ADULT coaches, managers, parent volunteers, umpires, etc. on the playing field during a MINOR game MUST have a cleared Certificate of Conduct. This check must be dated within the last 36 months of the tournament;

c) Vulnerable Sector Check. All ADULT coaches, managers, parent volunteers, umpires, etc. on the playing field during a MINOR game MUST have a cleared Vulnerable Sector Check. This check must be dated within the last 36 months of the tournament;

d) Coaches are expected to dress in proper attire for the softball field. Coaches are not permitted to wear clothing that references alcohol, tobacco, or anything deemed inappropriate by the umpire, tournament director, or Softball Newfoundland Labrador representatives;

e) Sandals and flip flops are not permitted. Footwear must have closed toes and provide proper support.

3. Official Line Up

a) The batting order must consist of ALL players on the official roster in Mite and Squirt.

b) Mite, Squirt and Pee Wee – Fair play rules will apply when the team is in the field (defense). In a 7.0 inning game a player must play the field a minimum of 3.0 innings/9 outs (unless he/she is a member of the home team and the game is called after 6.5 innings) and have at least one at bat. In any game that ends early due to the mercy rule it is the coaches responsibility to ensure that all players play a minimum of 2.0 innings in the field and attempt to get at least one at bat.

i) FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES/FAIR PLAY0 inning will be the equivalent of 3 outs OR application of the 5 run rule to end an inning (see Scoring below)

4. Scoring

a) Teams may score a maximum of 5 runs per inning with the exception of the 7th inning (“open inning”).

b) Softball Canada mercy rules will be in effect (10 run lead after 5 complete innings).

c) Maximum +/- rating in any game is +/- 7. If the home team is leading after an official game has been ended (either 6.5 innings or other i.e. weather, darkness, etc.) the game is over and will not continue for the purpose of a team attempting to gain a +7 rating.

d) The I.S.F. Tie Breaking Rule will be in effect after 7 complete innings. This applies to all tournament games with the exception of the championship game.

5. Strike Zone and Pitching

-Before each pitch, the pitcher must stand with two feet on the pitcher’s slab, with the ball held in one hand.

-Delivery starts when the pitcher makes a motion forward.

-The pitcher is to take ONE step forward.

-Delivered with an underhand motion & at a MODERATE speed.

-Pitching arm not to exceed an angle of 45 degrees

-Minimum arc of 4 feet to a maximum of 8 feet.

-Strike Zone is from the bottom of Sternum to Bottom of knee cap.

-The third strike “foul out” is now eliminated; however a third strike foul tip caught by the catcher will be considered a strike out as per fast pitch rules.

6. Catching and Home Plate Area

-Catchers must wear proper equipment as per fast pitch rules;

-The commitment line is now eliminated in all divisions of SNL sanctioned minor slo-pitch. Therefore base runners must touch home to score.

-On a play at home where a there is not a forced play the base runner must be tagged by a player to be “out”;

-Run down situations may occur between third base and home regardless of how far the runner advances toward home before attempting to return to third base.

7. Fielding 

-Teams must have 10 defensive players (4 Outfielders).

8. Infield Fly

-Only in effect for Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions

9. Tie Breaking Procedures

For the purpose of determining all positions at the end of round robin play the following tie breaking procedures will apply in this order:

-Head to Head Record.

-If there is still a tie, the team with the best plus/minus (+ or – 7) in all round robin games will be given the higher placing.

-If teams are still tied, the team who had the least total number of runs scored against for all round robin games will receive the higher placing.

-If teams are still tied, the team with the highest total number of runs scored will receive the higher placing.

-If teams are still tied, plus/minus ratio (total number of runs scored for + total number of runs scored against/total number of runs for) will apply. The lower plus/minus ratio will win the tie breaker.

-If two teams are still tied a coin toss will take place to determine positioning.

10. Tournament Days

Tournaments will be scheduled from Friday to Sunday, with Monday being a WEATHER DAY.  If weather is unfavourable throughout the weekend games will be played on Monday.  If the weather is unfavourable on Monday the tournament will NOT be rescheduled and awards shall be awarded to the top two ranking teams.

11. Bats

Bats must be approved as per Softball Newfoundland Labrador’s “Approved Bat List” for the designated category.