Softball Canada’s Rule Changes

Softball Canada’s Rule Changes

*Softball NL Will Implement In The 2015 Season

The pitcher’s glove may be any combination of colours, providing none of the colours (including the lacing) are the colour of the ball. Gloves worn by any player other than the pitcher may be any combination of colours.

Midget (U18) players will be allowed to wear metal cleats.

Exposed jewellery and other items are now the responsibility of the player and, if a minor player, his/her coach. Umpires shall only address jewellery if it is distracting to the opposing players (e.g. several dangling chains worn by a pitcher).

Bantam Boys pitching rules now follow adult pitching rules with respect to the following: The pivot foot must remain in contact with, or push off and drag away, or be airborne prior to the stepping (non-pivot) foot touching the ground.

Note: It is legal to drag, leap or hop and then land and throw as long as the original push starts from the pitcher’s plate. It is not legal to step off with the pivot foot and then drag, leap or hop and throw.