Day 3 Results

2017 Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch Provincial
Dates: July 14-16
Locations: Lions Park & Sgt. Ned Nugent Field

Day 3 Results: Sunday, July 16, 2017

Semi-Final #1: 2B-MJR Masonry vs. 1A-Game On Gear
Game #13: MJR Masonry 1 vs. Game On Gear 5

Noftall Was On In Semi-Final, As Game On Gear Defeated MJR Masonry 5-1 To Advance To Final

Game On Gear Pitching Stats:
WP: Jordan Noftall 7IP, 1R, 5H, 0BB, 7K

Game On Gear Top Batters:
Jordan Noftall 3-3, 1R, 1RBI
Mike King 2-3, 2RBI
Patrick Heffernan 2-3
Ryan Kenny 1-3, 1R, Double, 1HBP
Andrew Kelly 1-4, 1R, 1RBI

MJR Masonry Pitching Stats:
LP: David Kennedy (Starter) 3IP, 5R, 6H, 1HBP, 1BB, 2K
Doug Marshall (In Relief) 3IP, 0R, 3H, 1BB, 1K

MJR Masonry Top Batters:
Doug Marshall 2-2
Adam Janes 1-3
David Kennedy 1-3
Josh Janes 1-4, 1R

Semi-Final #2: 2A-Bay Roberts Coors Light vs. 1A-Lafontaine Club
Game #14: Bay Roberts Coors Light 3 vs. Lafontaine Club 4

Keefe 2-3 & 2RBI, As Lafontaine Club Edged Bay Roberts Coors Light 4-3 To Advance To Final

Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:
WP: Johnny O’Reilly 7IP, 3R, 7H, 3BB, 6K

Lafontaine Club Top Batters:
Sheldon Keefe 2-3, 1SB, 2RBI
Brent Hatfield 1-2, 1R
Paul Maher 1-2, 1R, 1SAC
Matthew O’Reilly 1-2, 1R
Joey Evely 1-3

Championship Game: Lafontaine Club vs. Game On Gear
Game #15: Lafontaine Club 3 vs. Game On Gear 4

Noftall Named MVP & Top Batter, As Game On Gear Edged Lafontaine Club 4-3 In Final

Game On Gear Pitching Stats:
Jordan Noftall (Starter) 6IP, 3R, 8H, 1BB, 2K
WP: Shane Dobbin (In Relief) 1IP, 0R, 0H, 0BB, 0K

Game On Gear Top Batters:
Nathan Kenny 1-2, 1R, 1SAC, 1RBI
Stephen Dobbin 1-3, Double, 2RBI
Patrick Heffernan 1-3, Double, 1RBI
Shane Dobbin 1-3, 1R, Double
Ryan Kenny 1-3, 1R
Andrew Kelly 1-3
Brandon Pomroy 1-3

Members of the Game On Gear Championship Team
Brad Budden, Shane Dobbin, Stephen Dobbin (Player/Coach), Patrick Heffernan, Andrew Kelly, Nathan Kenny, Ryan Kenny, Mark King, Mike King, Jordan Noftall, Ryan Noftall, Brandon Pomroy & Tyler Wall.

Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:
LP: Johnny O’Reilly 6.1IP, 4R, 7H, 0BB, 5K

Lafontaine Club Top Batters:
Mike Gambin 2-3, Double, 2RBI
Matthew O’Reilly 1-3, Double
Nick Pittman 1-3, 1R, 1SB
Joey Evely 1-3
Johnny O’Reilly 1-4, Double, 1RBI
Paul Maher 1-4, 1R, Double
Sheldon Keefe 1-4