Director’s Responsibilites

Director’s Responsibilities

The following is a list of what the Tournament Director’s Responsibilities for Provincial Minor Tournaments include…

Softball NL Minor Manual

1. Report Stats/Game Results To Gerald Gosse (
–At The End Of Each Day Of Play To Ensure Website & Media Are Updated
2. Ensure Proper Uniforms Are Worn (No Beer Logos on Players or Coaches)
3. Complete And Return A Tournament Report
4. Form A Protest Committee
–Umpire, Tournament Director & Minor Director (or 1 member of SNL)
5. Complete Incident/Accident Reports (If Necessary)
6. Ensure Games Run Smoothly And On Time
7. Weather Delays & Re-Scheduling In Consultation With Minor Director
8. Present Awards On Behalf Of SNL, With Assistance From Host Committee
9. Work With The Host Committee & SNL To Ensure Successful Tournament