2017 Canada Summer Games

Men’s Softball
Dates: July 29-August 4
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fields: John Blumberg Softball Complex

Participating Teams
Team Alberta
Team British Columbia
Team Manitoba
Team New Brunswick
Team Newfoundland Labrador
Team Nova Scotia
Team Ontario
Team Prince Edward Island
Team Quebec
Team Saskatchewan

2017 Team Newfoundland Labrador Roster

Daniel Byrne (Ferryland)
Shane Dobbin (St. John’s)
Brent Hatfield (Placentia)
Eric Healey (Chapel’s Cove)
Andrew Kelly (Placentia)
Ryan Kenny (St. John’s)
Mark King (Paradise)
Jordan Noftall (Kilbride)
Patrick O’Leary (Holyrood)
Nick Pittman (Dunville)
Jordan Pomeroy (Placentia)
Mark Stack (Petty Harbour)
Mitch Stack (Petty Harbour)
Gerald Wall (Harbour Main)
Jeremy Walsh (Holyrood)

Coaches & Manager
Paul King – Head Coach (Paradise)
Don King – Assistant Coach (Paradise)
*Jeff Kirk – Manager (Goulds)
*Dave Feener – Manager (St. John’s)

*Jeff Kirk is unable to attend, so Dave Feener will be his replacement.

Team Newfoundland Labrador Tournament Schedule

Day 1 Schedule: Saturday, July 29, 2017
Game #1: 11:00am CDT (1:30pm NL) vs. Team New Brunswick
Game #2: 6:00pm CDT (8:30pm NL) vs. Team Quebec

Day 2 Schedule: Sunday, July 30, 2017
Game #3: 11:00am CDT (1:30pm NL) vs. Team Alberta
Game #4: 6:00pm CDT (8:30pm NL) vs. Team Nova Scotia

Day 3 Schedule: Monday, July 31, 2017
Game #5: 3:00pm CDT (5:30pm NL) vs. Team Saskatchewan
Game #6: 6:00pm CDT (8:30pm NL) vs. Team British Columbia

Day 4 Schedule: Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Game #7: 11:00am CDT (1:30pm NL) vs. Team Prince Edward Island
Game #8: 3:00pm CDT (5:30pm NL) vs. Team Ontario

Day 5 Schedule: Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Game #9: 12-noon CDT (2:30pm NL) vs. Team Manitoba

Tournament Notes
Top 4 Teams Advance To The Final Playoff Round (August 3-4)
Teams 5 to 10 Will Play A Placement Round (August 3-4)

Softball NL Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Wish The 2017 Newfoundland Labrador Men’s Softball Team All The Best & Good Luck At The 2017 Canada Summer Games In Winnipeg!

Go Team NL Go!