2019 U16 Girl’s Eastern Canadian Softball Championship

Dates: August 22-25
Location: Whitby, ON

U16 Girl’s NL Selects Tournament Results
Game #1: 18-3 Loss (3-Innings) vs. Ontario #1
Game #2: 9-2 Loss (5-Innings) vs. Quebec #2
Game #3: 11-2 Loss (5-Innings) vs. Ontario #3
Game #4: 14-9 Loss (7-Innings) vs. New Brunswick #2
Overall Record: 0 Wins, 4 Losses

Members of the U16 Girl’s NL Selects
MacKenzie Bartlett, Abbigale Condon, Amy Connors, Gracie Dalton, Jenna Farrell, Kyleigh Gear, Olivia Hawco, Taylor Hayes, Cassidy Roff, Andrea Sullivan, Madison Walsh, Sydney Walsh, Abigail White, Dave Connors – Head Coach, Jamie Walsh – Assistant Coach & Kay Fleet – Manager.