Softball NL Awards

Please Note

The Softball NL Awards Nomination Form, As Well As The Bob Whelan Memorial Award Nomination Form Will Be Revamped Moving Forward And Will Be Posted As Soon As It Is Completed.

Nomination Forms

Softball NL Awards Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline –

Bob Whelan Memorial Award Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline –

Softball NL Awards Committee

Gerald Gosse (Chair) — Bill Barron — Victoria Davis

Softball NL Awards Committee Responsibilities

-Review Submitted Nominations For The Softball NL Awards & Select Winners
-Submit Nominations For The Sport NL Awards
-Rank Submitted Nominations For The Athletic Excellence Fund Applications
-Order Awards
-Awards Presentation

Softball NL Awards (Categories)

Player of the Year Awards
Senior Male & Senior Female
Junior Male & Junior Female
Minor Male & Minor Female

Coach of the Year Awards
Minor Coach
Adult Coach

Bob Whelan Memorial Award (Established In 2009)

Life-Time Commitment Award

Umpire Awards
Umpire of the Year
Junior Umpire of the Year – Len King Memorial (Established In 2017)

Executive of the Year Awards (No Longer Presented)
Board Member of the Year
Male Executive of the Year
Female Executive of the Year
Minor Executive of the Year
Adult Executive of the Year

Most Outstanding Player Awards
Most Outstanding Players (1963-1987)
Most Outstanding Players (1987-2012)