Davis To Attend 2020 Softball Canada Women of Softball Summit

Softball NL is extremely pleased to announce that Victoria Davis (Softball NL Female Director) has been selected to attend the Softball Canada 2020 Women of Softball Summit being held from March 6-8 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Congratulations Victoria!


Softball Canada 2020 Women of Softball Summit
Dates: March 6-8
Location: Ottawa, ON

Softball Canada is proud to host the Women of Softball Summit as a celebration of female leaders, influencers and advocates who have all demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the advancement of women/girl’s. Geared towards empowering women in softball, the three-day event will provide a platform for networking, mentorship and consultation – all in an effort to better the larger softball community.

The Softball Canada Women of Softball Summit is geared towards empowering participants through a compelling series of keynotes, panel discussions and interactive work sessions.

Specifically designed to empower women in softball, the Summit will provide the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals while facilitating a conversation on how to better support women in all aspects of our game. Through a compelling series of guest speakers, panel discussions and interactive work sessions, Softball Canada aims to connect, inspire, and enable all attending delegates to gain valuable insights while joining forces to shape an actionable vision for the future of the organization.

In this safe and supportive environment, everyone will be encouraged to share their experiences along with various struggles and successes related to their involvement in softball. The success of this event will correlate directly with the level of participation in activities – everyone is encouraged to come prepared to interact!