2016 U16 Boy’s Eastern Canadian Softball Championship
Dates: August 25-28
Location: CBS, NL

Day 1 Results: Thursday, August 25, 2016

Game #1: NL#1 Selects (4) vs. NS West Hants Thunder (0)

Pittman Fanned 13, As NL#1 Selects Blanked NS West Hants Thunder 4-0

NL#1 Selects Pitching Stats:
WP: Marcus Pittman 7IP, 0R, 2H, 1HBP, 1BB, 13K

NL#1 Selects Top Batters:
Liam Shea 1-2, 1BB

NL#1 Selects Player of the Game: Marcus Pittman

NS West Hants Thunder Pitching Stats:
LP: Jason Kennedy 7IP, 4R, 4H, 4BB, 4K

NS West Hants Thunder Top Batters:
Jason Kennedy 1-2
Jaidon Doiron: 1-2, 1HBP

NS West Hants Thunder Player of the Game: Jason Kennedy

Game #2: ON Ivanhoe Storm (6) vs. NL#2 (2)

Boyd Fanned 11, As ON Ivanhoe Storm Defeated NL#2 6-2

ON Ivanhoe Storm Pitching Stats:
WP: Ty Boyd 7IP, 2R, 1H, 8BB, 11K

ON Ivanhoe Storm Top Batters:
Trevor Simpson 3-4

ON Ivanhoe Storm Player of the Game: Tye Boyd

NL#2 Pitching Stats:
LP: Kurtis Clarke 7IP, 6R, 8H, 8BB, 10K

NL#2 Top Batters:
Kurtis Clarke 1-2, 1BB

NL#2 Player of the Game: Kurtis Clarke

Thanks To Sherry Maher For Sending Results!