Softball NL Molson 2019 Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch Provincial

Dates: July 19-21
Location: St. John’s
Ballpark: Lions Park

Day 3 Results: Sunday, July 21, 2019

Semi-Final #1
Game #9: Sportscraft Waterford Valley 1 vs. Lafontaine Club 5

Nick Pittman (1 Hitter With 17 Strikeouts) & Hatfield (2-3, 2R, 1RBI)

Lafontaine Club Defeated Sportscraft Waterford Valley 5-1 To Advance To Final

Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:
WP: Nick Pittman 7IP, 1R, 1H, 6BB, 17K

Lafontaine Club Top Batters:
Brent Hatfield 2-3, 2R, 1RBI
Matthew O’Reilly 1-2, 1BB, 1RBI
Blair Pittman 1-3, Double, BB
Andrew Kelly 1-3, 1R, 1HBP
Troy Leonard 1-3, 1R

Sportscraft Waterford Valley Pitching Stats:
LP: Shane Dobbin (Starter) 3.2IP, 4R, 4H, 1HBP, 1BB, 3K
Jordan Noftall (In Relief) 2.1IP, 1R, 2H, 2BB, 2K

Sportscraft Waterford Valley Top Batters:
Justin Hand 1-3, 1RBI

Semi-Final #2
Game #10: U16 Selects 5 vs. CBC Junior Canadians 9

O’Leary (3-3, 3R), Healey (2-3, 1R, 3RBI), Furey (2-4, 1RBI) & Penney (1-3, 1R, 2RBI)

CBC Junior Canadians Defeated U16 Selects 9-5 To Advance To Final

CBC Junior Canadians Pitching Stats:
WP: Mitchel Whelan (Starter) 5.1IP, 5R, 6H, 1HBP, 6BB, 4K
Eric Healey (In Relief) 1.2IP, 0R, 0H, 0BB, 4K

CBC Junior Canadians Top Batters:
Patrick O’Leary 3-3, 3R, 1BB
Eric Healey 2-3, 1R, 1HBP, 3RBI
Coady Furey 2-4, 1RBI
Shane Healey 1-1, 1BB
Jordan Penney 1-3, 1R, 1BB, 2RBI
Justin Doyle 1-3, 1R, 1BB
Mitchel Whelan 1-4, 2R, 1BB

U16 Selects Pitching Stats:
LP: Blake O’Keefe 6IP, 9R, 11H, 1HBP, 6BB, 5K

U16 Selects Top Batters:
Blake O’Keefe 2-4, 1R, 1RBI
Adrian Green 2-4, 1R, 1SB
Mason Molloy 1-2
Reid Deering 1-4, 1RBI

Championship Game
Game #11: Lafontaine Club 0 vs. CBC Junior Canadians 2

Healey (1-Hit, 15K Shutout) & O’Leary 1-2, 1R, 3B, 1RBI)

Healey Named MVP, As CBC Junior Canadians Blanked Lafontaine Club 2-0 To Claim Provincial Crown

CBC Junior Canadians Pitching Stats:
WP: Eric Healey 7IP, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 15K

CBC Junior Canadians Top Batters:
Patrick O’Leary 1-2, 1R, Triple, 1RBI
Eric Healey 0-2, 1RBI
Mitchel Whelan 0-2, 1R, 1BB

CBC Junior Canadians RUNS:
2R 5th: With 1-Out: Mitchel Whelan walked, Patrick O’Leary tripled to score Whelan and O’Leary scored on an Eric Healey 4-3 groundout.

Members of the CBC Junior Canadians Championship Team
Liam Costello, Justin Doyle, Coady Furey, Eric Healey, Shane Healey, DJ Lake, Patrick O’Leary, Jordan Penney, Ryan Petten, Mitchel Whelan, Jacob Whittle & Kyle Ezekiel (Coach).

Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:
LP: Nick Pittman 6IP, 2R, 1H, 2BB, 10K

Lafontaine Club Top Batters:
Andrew Kelly 1-3 (1-Out Single In Top of 1st Inning)

Lafontaine Club RUNS:

2019 Tournament Award Winners

Most Valuable Player
Eric Healey (CBC Junior Canadians)
Pitching: 4GP, 3-0, 22.2IP, 1ER, 0.32ERA, 8H, 2BB, 40K, 1SHO
Batting: 4GP, 3-11 .273BA, 3R, 1BB, 4RBI

Top Batter
Brent Hatfield (Lafontaine Club)
6-for-11 .545BA

Sportsmanship & Ability
Gerard O’Reilly (Lafontaine Club)
Batting: 4GP, 5-12 .417BA, 4R, 1T, 4RBI, 1000FP

2019 Final Standings
1. CBC Junior Canadians 4-0
2. Lafontaine Club 3-1
3. Sportscraft Waterford Valley 2-2
4. U16 Selects 1-3
5. Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic 1-2
6. CBS Storm 0-3