2017 Canada Summer Games

Women’s Softball
Dates: August 07-13
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Fields: John Blumberg Softball Complex

Day 4 Results: Thursday, August 10, 2017

Game #7: 8-3 Loss (7-Innings) vs. Team Nova Scotia

Team NL Lost 8-3 To Team Nova Scotia; Team NL Dropped To 0-7

NL Selects Pitching Stats:
LP: Jenna Connolly 0-5, 7IP, 8R, 5ER, 12H, 3BB, 3K

Team NL Top Batters:
Dayle Prowse 2-3, 1SB
Olivia Corbett 2-4, 2R, Double, 1RBI
Rebecca Maher 1-2, Double, 1SAC, 1BB, 1RBI
Hilary Young 1-3
Victoria Curran 1-4, Double, 1RBI
Brittany McCarthy 1-4

1R 1st: With 1-Out: Olivia Corbett singled, Olivia Corbett advanced to second base on a Rebecca Maher SAC; Maher out 2-4 on the play and With 2-Out: Victoria Curran doubled to score Olivia Corbett.

2R 5th: Hilary Young led-off the inning with a single, Kristen Connolly came on to pinch-run for Young and With 2-Out: Olivia Corbett doubled to score Kristen Connolly and Rebecca Maher doubled to score Olivia Corbett.

Game #8: 11-1 Loss (4-Innings) vs. Team Saskatchewan

Team NL Lost 11-1 To Team Saskatchewan; Team NL 0-8 After Day 4

Team NL Pitching Stats:
LP: Reagan Myers (Starter) 0-1, 0.1IP, 9R, 7ER, 5H, 1HBP, 3BB, 0K
Calista Corbett (In Relief) 2.2IP, 2R, 0ER, 7H, 0BB, 0K

Team NL Top Batters:
Victoria Curran 2-2, Double, 1RBI
Jaclyn Morgan 1-1, 1BB

1R 3rd: Erin Morry led-off the inning with a walk and With 1-Out: Victoria Curran doubled to score Morry.

Day 5 Schedule: Friday, August 11, 2017
Game #9: 11:00am CDT (1:30pm NL) vs. Team Alberta