Face Masks on Helmets (2020)

In 2019, Softball Canada implemented a new safety rule regarding attached face masks on helmets for U16 and below players (see below from Softball Canada).

In 2019, the Softball NL Board of Directors agreed to give our membership more time as many associations and teams already had their equipment purchased for 2019.

So last season, Softball NL encouraged this rule with the intent of making it mandatory starting in 2020.  

New Rule / Change #11: Fastpitch / Slo-Pitch: Face masks are required on helmets for U16 and below players. Why: Increased safety for participants as it will help players avoid serious injuries and brings the national rule in line with the many Provincial and Territory rules. What it means: All batters, on-deck batters and base runners must wear helmets that have an attached face mask in the U16 and below categories. In order to be considered a face mask, the mask must be attached to both sides of the helmet. Specifically, the one piece attachment that extends only from one side of the helmet does not meet the requirements of the rule. The above are examples of acceptable styles only and do not imply endorsement by Softball Canada. Rule References to be amended / added: 3 – 6 f.

Sportscraft Source For Sports in St. John’s is well stocked with face masks/helmets. Softball NL encourages all associations and teams to visit their store at 20 Ropewalk Lane for all your Softball needs!