The Softball NL High Performance Program began to develop in 2017. The purpose of the HP Program is to provide athletes and coaches opportunities to increase their skill level and participate at the highest levels of available competition. This started with the creation of Provincial Teams for the U14-U23 age groups, both male and female. We currently hold ID Camps and Evaluations for these teams and coaches are chosen on an application basis which is reviewed and recommendations sent to the Softball NL Board of Directors from the Coaching Committee.

We are currently reshaping our High Performance Committee and are looking for 2-3 volunteers to work on the HP Committee to help shape, develop and execute the HP Program. If you are interested, please email Softball NL Executive Director Dave Feener at executivedirector@softballnl.ca by Wednesday, October 28, 2020 with a brief resume on your involvement in the game. We look forward to working with those selected on moving the HP Program forward.

Sean Cadigan
Minor Director
High Performance Committee (Chair)
Softball NL