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31 Bantam & Midget aged softball players attended the Practice With The Pros that was held on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Huck Williams Field In Kilbride.
The practice was conducted by Team Canada members Ryan Boland (Goulds, NL), Sean Cleary (Harbour Main, NL), Brad Ezekiel (Harbour Main, NL) And Jason Hill (St. John’s, NL).
Softball NL Minor Director Sherry Maher stated “that Ryan (Boland) did an amazing job of organizing the event.” Maher also stated “that Sean (Cleary), Brad (Ezekiel) and Jason (Hill) were outstanding during the event.”
Brooklin, Ontario native and Team Canada member Paul Koert was in town on business and attended the event as a Special Guest Instructor. Maher acknowledged “that having Paul (Koert) in attendance was an added bonus and he worked extremely well with all of the kids.”
Maher noted “that events such as this would not be possible without support from local coaches and thanked Dale Kelly, Jeff Kirk, Chris Maher and Mark Nash with assisting with the practice.”
Maher stated “that the event was a great opportunity for the Bantam and Midget aged players in NL to interact with members of Team Canada and events such as this can only be a positive influence on the up and coming players.”
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Practice With The Pros Group Photo