Softball Newfoundland & Labrador

Senior Men’s Program Provisions

At a Board meeting held on 2013-05-27, Softball Newfoundland & Labrador (Softball NL) elected to put provisions in place for its Senior Men’s Program to be consistent with all other programs under its mandate. These provisions dealt specifically with Senior Teams travelling to the Canadian Championships.

These changes to our Senior Program included:

1. The implementation of a Senior All-Star Program to compete in the Canadian Senior Men’s Championships.

a. The Head Coach will be selected by the Board through an application process.

b. The Head Coach will select an Assistant Coach and Manager, who would have to be approved by the Board.

2. All members of the Senior All-Star Team will be required to compete in the Softball NL Senior Provincial Tournament.

3. There will be no import players after the 2014 Canadian Senior Men’s Nationals. Import players are players from any of the other Provinces. Former NL players who may be residing outside of the Province and registered with another Province will not be considered as imports.

Note: Softball NL may consider the addition of a pitching import position only, where it can be demonstrated to the Board that this addition is necessary to field a team. – No other positions will be considered.

4. Softball NL selected the third weekend in July as the date for the Senior Provincials commencing in 2014.

5. The winner of the Senior Provincials will be permitted to attend the Senior Nationals as the second NL Team. This Team will attend under the name in which it competed in the Senior Provincials.  Any changes or additions to the Team must be approved by Softball NL. This Team will be subject to the provisions 2 and 3 above.


-The All-Star concept was actually brought in by the previous Board in 2012 and was never implemented because the Board decided to give the 3 Cheers Pub Bud Light Team, who won the Senior Nationals in 2012 and 2013 the opportunity to return and defend its title in 2013 and again in 2014.

-The requirement to play in the NL Senior Provincials is new and was meant to ensure that All-Star players participated in their own Provincials. This would not preclude players who could not attend due to work commitments or any other special circumstances such as family or health considerations that would prevent their participation. Other circumstances may be reviewed by the Board.

-For the purpose of this Program, former NL players residing and registered outside the Province may continue to play with this Province unless any of those players decide to play with another Province, at which time they will lose their status and be considered as imports.

-The date for the Senior Provincials was put in place to ensure that all participating players would be given ample time for preparation to attend. The date selected was also determined so as not to conflict with any of the Major tournaments such as the ISC or the ASA.

-The Provincial Tournament date may be re-scheduled for a time other than the third weekend in July, however, that date will be set no later that the thirty-first day of December in the preceding year with preference given to a July date. The requirement to play in the Provincials in order to participate on the All-Star Team will commence in 2014.

Softball NL is dedicated to providing maximum opportunity to all participants within its organization. The implementation of the Senior All-Star Program will mean that its All-Star Programs will be consistent from Bantam through to Senior covering all levels of play for Eastern Canadian and National Championships. In other words, the same opportunity will exist for all players at all levels of play.

Softball NL Board